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Groups for beginners
Intermediate level
Advanced level
Train the trainer

Groups & Schedule

The best way to learn and practice swing dancing is to attend our regular group lessons. You will grow up together with your groupmates, plus, the rotation of partners will help you to dance with each and every one of them.

Dance lessons for beginners. Start of new groups

If you want to learn how to swing dance, we invite you to attend our beginners lessons. Right now in our dance school there are 2 new groups which everyone can join in.

All the important information about prices, schedule, lessons' venues, clothing tips, F.A.Q., online lessons application form can be found on the page of the group you want to join.

Intermediate level for dancers with 2-12 months experience

If you dance swing or its' any particular style (Lindy hop, boogie woogie...) for 2-4 months, we advice you to pick up a group of the second level. If your dance experience is between 5 and 9 months, then we recommend you to attend a third level group.

Each dancer's level is decided individually. If you come to a lesson, but your level is higher than your groupmates', then teachers will advice you to level up and join another group.

Advanced level for dancers with more than one year experience

If you have a swing dancing experience of 9-12 months, then joining any 4th level groups is what we suggest. If you've been dancing more than for one year, then we recommend you to attend any 5th level group's lessons. If more than two years 6th level.

Each dancer's level is decided individually. After your first lesson in a group our teachers can evaluate your level and help you with a choosing the best group for you.

Dance teachers school. Train the trainer

Our dance school gives several unique opportunities to our students. "Train the trainer" format group is a one of them. Because of it some our students became teachers after just a one year of their own first dance lesson.

Such lessons are usually attended by dancers who want either improve their dance watching and understanding skills or become a swing dance teachers. They learn dance theory, teaching methods, practice them, analyze videos and real students dancing, share their experience and thoughts.